Duo mini sandwich : rillettes/rocket (arugula) and goat cheese mousse/basil/dried tomatoes

One more recipe just perfect as an appetizer or for a picnic !


Ingredients :

For the breads :

  • 600g of plain flour
  • 2 teaspoons of active dry yeast
  • 50g of olive oil
  • 10g of salt
  • 400mL of water
  • one pinch of sugar

Pour the fillings :

  • 250-300g of rillettes (Here I used chicken rillettes)
  • some rocket/arugula leaves
  • 15 cL of liquid cream (the one you use to make chantilly)
  • 150g de goat cheese but the fromage frais kind
  • some fresh basil leaves
  • 1 jar of dried tomatoes

Process :

For the mini sandwich breads :

– Mix the yeast with warm (not hot) water and the pinch of sugar and let it rest for about 10min (it’ll start to bubble)

– Pour the flour, the olive oil and the salt in a bowl

– Add the water and yeast in the bowl and stir with a wooden spoon

The dough is more elastic and sticky than a regular bread dough, you need to knead it to make the dough less sticky but it will stay a bit !

– Put the dough in a warm area for about 30min

– Cut the dough with a knife (never with your hands !!!) in two and spread it on baking trays (don’t forget to put cooking sheets on it) with your hands

– Put the baking trays  in a warm area for about 1h

– Preheat the oven at 250°C

– Dust the baking trays with flour and cut the dough in small rectangles with a knife (I did 65 small breads with my two baking trays and I spread them on 3 baking trays to not have them stick together)

– Lower the oven at 210°C and put the baking trays in the oven, with a small container filled with water on the bottom of the oven (it will help to have a crust really cripsy!), for about 15-20min. The breads need to be golden but not brown.

For the goat cheese mousse :

– Beat the cream until you reach a chantilly texture (for that don’t hesitate to put the bowl and the wisk in the freezer and use a cream really cold)

– In a bowl, crush the cheese with minced basil and put it in the whipped cream. Put this in a piping bag and put it in the fridge for at least 2h

Put the ingredients together :

– Divide the breads in two and cut them lengthwise (but only on one side, I don’t know if I’m really clear)

– In half part of the breads spread some rillettes and 2-3 of rocket leaves

– In the other half part, thanks to the piping bag, fill the breads and put some dried tomatoes (cut in small pieces)

Bon appétit !  

The freshness and pepper taste of the rocket go really well with the rillettes (which are, let’s say that, really fat !) and the combinaison between the goat cheese, the basil and the dried tomatoes make you feel the summer and the mousse texture gives some lightness !

Duo mini wrap (cooked and raw ham)

Perfect as an appetizer with friends or a picnic ! I want to show you two variety of wrap dough (one with sesame seeds and an other with curcuma), with two fillings : cooked ham/fromage frais/red onion/salad and raw ham/eggplant caviar/salad.


Ingredients :

  • For the dough :
    • 300g of plain flour
    • 3 tablespoons of oil
    • 1 handful of roasted sesame seeds or 2 teaspoons of curcuma powder
    • 1 good pinch of salt
  • For the first filling :
    • 4 slices of cooked ham
    • 150g de fromage frais (you can replace by creamcheese)
    • 1/3 of red onion
    • Some salad leaves
  • For the second filling :
    • 6 slices of raw ham
    • 200g of eggplant caviar
    • Some salad leaves


Process :

– Prepare the dough :

Pour flour, salt, oil and sesame seeds or curcuma in a bowl. Then, add boiling water while you are stirring with a wooden spoon (I use large cooking chopsticks) until a soft pliable dough is formed and knead for about 2min. (Be carefull it’s hot!)

– Slice finely the red onion

– Cook the wraps :

Roll out in a rectangular shape, it will help for the folding step. I roll out as big as my plancha, it’s really handy for cooking the wraps but you can totally cook them in a large frying pan. Cook all the wraps on medium heat for about 3min for the first side and 1min for the second, you must not over cook them in order to keep them soft otherwise they become brittle.


– Put the ingredients together (when the wraps are cool)

  • Cooked ham wraps :
    • Spread some fromage frais on the sesame seeds wraps
    • Sprinkle some red onions slices
    • Add cooked ham slices all over the cheese
    • And some salad leaves
  • Raw ham wraps :
    • Spread eggplant caviar on the curcuma wrap
    • Add raw ham slices all over the caviar
    • And some salad leaves

Roll up the wrap (lenghtwise) as tight as possible. Add toothpick every 5cm and then cut the roll between each toothpick.

Bon appétit !