Spring rolls : tuna spread

This is a really easy, really fast, asking few ingredients only and which is very healthy recipe !



Ingredients :

  • 14 rice paper
  • 50g of soy vermicelli  (you can take rice vermicelli but I prefer the texture of those soy based)
  • 1 cucumber
  • 1 tuna can (140g)
  • 150g fromage frais (but you can replace by creamcheese)
  • 1 tea spoon of mustard
  • White sesame seeds


Process :

– Cook the soy vermicelli (follow the instruction on the packet)

– Prepare the tuna spread :

Drain tuna and mix it with mustard and cheese (you can put more cheese but I like to really feel the tuna taste)

– Slice the cucumber in sticks

– Toast the sesame seeds

Spread them in a pan and watch them carefully ! They  burn turn brown really quick ! And be careful, they usually tend to fly out the pan …

– Put the ingredients together

Wet a rice paper one at a time in cold water during about 45 secondes until soft (I do it in a pie dish), put the paper on a board and wipe it with a dish towel.

Spread a little of tuna spread at about 1/4 of the paper, then put the cucumber stick (put them above the spread, it will help the folding process), put some soy vermicelli and few sesame seeds.

Fold on each side of the ingredients and then fold and roll from the bottom of the paper.

Repeat with the remaining ingredients.

Bon appétit !

I hope you enjoyed the recipe, it is really nice as a starter when it’s hot outside and can be done in smaller version for an appetizer !



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