Pork, pak choi and black fungus steam bun

A recipe for soft and tasty steam buns ! It is a very easy recipe, the only rule is to not open the lid of the bamboo basket to not make the buns get flat.

Ingredients for 16 buns:

  • Dough:
    • 250g of plain flour
    • 2 tea spoons of yeast
    • 250 ml of lukewarm water
    • 1 tea spoon of sugar
    • 1 pinch of salt
  • Stuffing:
    • 300g of ground pork
    • 200g of pak choi
    • 4-5 dried black fungus (it depends on their size)
    • 4 spring onions (just use the green part)
    • 2 garlic cloves
    • 3 table spoons of light soya sauce
    • 1 pinch of salt
    • chili flakes (optional)

Recipe :

  • Dough:
    • Mix the lukewarm water, the sugar and the yeast and let it stand for 10 minutes
    • Add this mix to the flour and salt
    • Knead until you have a soft and elastic dought (about 5 minutes)
    • Let the dough rest for 1 hour under a towel in a warm place, it must double the size
  •  Stuffing:
    • Cover the black fungus with boiling water, let it stand for about 10 minutes and drain them
    • Chop the pak choi, the black fungus and the spring onions and crush the garlic cloves
    • Mix all the ingredients together
  • Shaping:
    • Split 16 portions and shape them into balls
    • Roll the dough to make the edges thinner that the center
    • Put a table spoon of stuffing in the middle and shape the bun, gather the edges of the disc pinching the top
  • Steaming:
    • Put the buns in the steam basket on perforated baking sheets to let the steam pass (I buy discs of  baking paper already perforated) making sure to put enough space between the buns because they are going to get bigger
    • Close the basket and let it steam for 14 minutes, remove the basket but don’t remove the lid right away, wait for 5 minutes to do it, otherwise the buns will get flat

Bon appétit !

I love doing this dish when the weather is not great, it is soft and juicy ! As soon as we realise it is so easy to do, we want to try many different stuffings.